Urban Outlet is About You

As much as movies and images of women with shopping bags slung over their shoulder might tell us otherwise, I realise that it is not in every woman’s DNA to relish the shopping experience. With today’s busy lifestyle, finding the time to traipse through shopping centres can be overwhelming but here at Urban Outlet, I want to take the stress out of this process and help you find the fun in fashion again.

From the moment you step into the Urban Outlet showroom, this experience is about you. Forget pushy sales people or worse, uninterested staff who suddenly disappear when you are half naked in the change room and need a different size. Urban Outlet offers a one-on-one appointment based service that allows me to spend the time with you to find out your likes, dislikes, what you specifically need and most importantly what makes you feel amazing when you put it on.

Specialising in dresses for occasions like formals, weddings, birthdays and other special events, Urban Outlet also offers a selection of corporate wear and everyday pieces that are tailored to your needs. All garments are individually sourced from the United States meaning I can offer you pieces that are as individual as you are and all at great prices.

Recently I have teamed with Brisbane Radio Presenter Robin Bailey to create some fun events called Styling Stories. We all have a story about fashion and style whether you know it or not. We want to help you find you style and tell your story.