Let’s talk shoes!

One of the most common questions I get asked when helping people to style and complete their outfits is “what shoe should I wear with this?” And the answer, 90% of the time is: A pair of nude heels.

I am no Imelda Marcos and if you are the same and don’t feel that filling your wardrobe with 300 pairs of shoes is your style, or within your budget, then a pair of nude heels will be one of the most versatile investments you can make and will end up on high rotation.

Wittner Nude Heel

In many of the styling posts that I do, nude shoes will feature and that is because nude shoes will compliment almost all colours in your wardrobe and work great with a fabulous print – they can even be worn with a full black dress to soften the look. The other advantages of a nude heel is they create the illusion of a longer leg (and I have never met a lady who doesn’t want that)!

The term “nude” actually covers a wide spectrum of colours from porcelain right through to darker beige, so which nude colour is right for you? Shoe extraordinaire and designer Christian Louboutin recommends picking a shoe one or two shades lighter or darker than your own skin tone to give that perfect finish.

So ladies, if you don’t already have a nude heel in your collection, add it to a the “must have” wardrobe list. Make the heel size practical according to your lifestyle (and ability to walk in them!) but the higher the heel, the more impact they will make.

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