…..in a not so far away kingdom, there lived a group of ladies who came together for a day of fun, friendship and fabulousness! As they sat in the royal coach on the way to their surprise destination, they didn’t really know what to expect, but the promise of a day to remember with their closest girlfriends. This group of ladies were excited and ready for their upcoming adventure…

The ladies knew each other well, and as they arrived at their location, there was chatter and excitement bubbling from each seat in the coach. With the magic that is the pop of a champagne cork, a mysterious door swung open and an enchanting world of style awaited the ladies.

All couldn’t help but feel like they were a version of Carrie from Sex and the City as they took in the fabulous range of clothing and accessories before them. Within moments, the ladies pounced on the racks ready to try on whatever they could get their hands on.

Some sat back and observed their friends, content to start this journey off with an encouraging glass of bubbly and relax into a well deserved day that was theirs to enjoy.

As the adventure went on, the hosts of this fairytale, or rather, ‘fashiontale’, couldn’t help but notice the vastly different relationships between clothing, style and body types that was unfolding before their eyes.

Some were confident of their style and knew exactly what they were looking for, while others were timid and unsure of what it was that would make them look and feel their best.

Echoes of…

“What would look best with this skirt?”

“What style of dress doesn’t make my hips look big?”

“I’ve just lost 20 kilos, I don’t know what suits me!”

“I just got divorced & I want clothes that make me look and feel like the woman I used to be”

“I’ve just had a double mastectomy – help me feel good in clothes again”

…were heard around the showroom.

Next, a beautiful lunch was served and an all too familiar slideshow of photos from literally 10 minutes prior was projected onto a screen in the background. Vision of the ladies looking stylish and confident while celebrating friendship was a site welcomed with laughter and squeals of delight!

It was now time to hop in the royal coach and head home with an arm full of beautiful new pieces to add to their wardrobe and stories to share about their day. The ladies all lived happily ever after, smiling and delighting in the joy of a day with their friends, connecting in a fun, safe space where conversation was plenty.


…well it’s not really the end. This actually happened, minus the royal coach… it may have just been a white mini bus! The hosts, Robin Bailey, one of Brisbane’s most recognisable media personalities and Renae Jackson, Owner of Urban Outlet, saw the coming together of a group of Robin’s friends and the vastly different relationships they held with fashion, style and their bodies – a relationship that is unique to each woman. Whether it be entering motherhood, re-entering the workforce, becoming an empty nester, marriage, divorce, gaining weight, losing weight or one of so many events we face in our lifetime, sometimes we can lose our way and our confidence when it comes to style and what we truly want for ourselves.

From this, Styling Stories was born.

Robin, a thirty year veteran on the Brisbane airwaves is no stranger to talking with people and allowing them to tell their stories, all the while being a huge lover of fashion herself!

Renae has been dressing women for the past 7 years from her Urban Outlet showroom which offers a selection of affordable pieces unique to the Australian Market.

Having seen what a great experience this ‘fashiontale’ was, Robin and Renae decided to join forces to offer 4 ‘Styling Stories’ events where you have the opportunity to take part in a day of fun, fashion and conversation with your tribe! These fun experiences are limited to only 40 people so don’t wait. Book your Styling Story today.

What is Included?

The total package price is $149/person

  • Complimentary transport to and from Thornlands (we will pick up from a central location in the Brisbane area, the Northern Gold Coast or Southern Sunshine Coast)
  • Tasting Platter of cheeses and chutneys by Lang’s Gourmet
  • Champagne on arrival and also served with lunch
  • Gourmet Lunch
  • Styling advice and take home sheets to guide you with future fashion purchases
  • Makeup advice and help with highlighting your best assets.
  • $50 credit towards clothing purchases you may make on the day.
  • Interview with Robin Bailey to tell your ‘Styling Story’ and be included in her new Podcast (optional)
  • A gorgeous goodie bag to take home including Langs Gourmet samples, A gift card from Beautiful Images Photography and lots of other goodies

What Dates are Available?

  • Saturday October 10th 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday October 17th 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday October 24th 3pm – 9pm
  • Saturday December 5th 10am – 4pm

How Does the Day Work?

  • Get together a group of your girlfriends (Minimum 4, Maximum 10)
  • You will be collected from a central location for your complimentary transport to the event.
  • You will then arrive at Urban Outlet where you will be greeted by your hosts, Robin and Renae
  • Renae will share invaluable tips and tricks with the group, to help you find your style while offering each attendee a personalised styling session to find clothing that works for you and your body shape
  • Next, it’s time to accessorise! You will get tips on how to accessorise each outfit including colour matching, shoes, bags and jewellery
  • We will have one of Brisbane’s top make-up artists at the session to offer tips and tricks to get the most out of your individual makeup kit and show you how to highlight your best assets
  • You will leave the day with some great take-home advice for dressing and looking your best
  • While this is a group workshop, we will be working with each individual to ensure you find just what you need

Who is the Day For?

  • Groups looking for a day of fun and inspiration together
  • Hens Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Divorce Parties
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Tell us your group, and we can cater to you

New Dates Coming Soon!